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Our Beloved Molly

By January 20, 2015 Blog

Our Beloved Molly

(Jan 10 2004 – Jan 18 2015)


(A nap with Molly 2004)

Saying good bye never gets any easier.   Owning a veterinarian hospital we help families say goodbye to their four legged family members all too often.  Some might think that it helps us to develop a “thick skin”, but it is quite the opposite.  For us in the veterinary profession, it makes us realize how precious and short life is.  We see firsthand how beautiful and strong the bond can be between pets and their families.



(Spring 2013)

Rick and I found out last Thursday (although we already “knew”) that our beloved Molly had cancer in many of her organs.  Molly was the seventh member of our blended family.  I often called her my sixth kid (including Rick) and most definitely she was a true red head like me and two of our daughters.  Molly was our friend and confidant; she seemed to know when any one of us needed a shoulder to cry or support when we were upset or sick.  She was also there for many more happy occasions, loving to play and have fun.

Saying good bye to her on Sunday was the hardest thing we as a family have ever done.   We loved her with all of our hearts and will remember her always!



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