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At Kawartha Animal Hospital, we have identified six core values, ideas that we strive to embody, uphold, and constantly improve upon, in providing care to our patients, in our relationships with our valued clients, and in our relationships with our teammates.


  1. Compassion: We strive to provide medical care and client support with a focus on empathy, kindness, and compassion for the pets in our care, and their human family members, as if they are part of our own family.
  2. Integrity: We aim to always provide ethical care with transparency, honesty, respect, and reliability.
  3. Collaboration: To be truly successful in providing the best medical care is to work as a team, collaborating on the delivery of services, and working together to come up with innovative solutions.
  4. Character: We pride ourselves on constant self-improvement through training and education, and being accountable, devoted, and ultimately being able to provide services with pride.
  5. Support: Being a successful team requires having a good support network, and the components of that include communication, consistency of expectations, having limits on those expectations, and providing a nurturing atmosphere, while showing appreciation for team contributions.
  6. Service: At Kawartha Animal Hospital, we feel we have a duty to serve in many capacities. We serve our clients by providing excellent patient healthcare and client education, while also serving our community through charitable initiatives throughout the year. And finally, we have a duty of service to family. We provide care to ensure clients have as much happy, healthy time with their beloved pets, while also ensuring our team has the opportunity for a healthy work-life balance.

We are committed to maintain and improve upon these core values and will always look for ways to expand on each of them.