Dogs and Cats are Super Heros too!

By November 12, 2014 Blog

When Dr. Bond heard that the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce organized an annual Santa Claus Parade she campaigned for Kawartha Animal Hospital to participate.  For just a few seconds we scratched our heads wondering how we could produce a float that was appropriate to this year’s theme.  A few seconds was all that it took for the brainstorming to kick into high gear about all of the “super hero” things that our four legged friends do on a daily basis.  Animals are used in a variety of ways to serve and protect us.  Dogs are used for therapy, canine police units, guide dogs, search and rescue, bomb sniffing, security etc.  Cats are being considered more and more for therapy and can be more ideal because of their smaller size.  There is something very calming about a happy feline purring in your lap.  Nursing homes or Alzheimer centres are just two of the places where one might find a therapy cat.  A couple of months ago there was a story about Oscar the cat from Rhode Island. Oscar has an innate sense to cuddle up beside the people who need him the most.

Looking forward to seeing you on the parade route on Sunday November 16!

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