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What a busy month!

By October 4, 2017 Blog

October is an eventful month for the team at Kawartha Animal Hospital.  Besides celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween we also celebrate our fantastic RVT’s (registered veterinary technicians), Animal Health Week (October 1-7) and once again are fundraising for the Farley Foundation.

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s theme for Animal Health Week 2017 is protect the five animal freedoms.  These five freedoms being; adequate shelter, appropriate veterinary care, proper nutrition, ensuring proper socialization and allowing animals to exhibit normal behaviour.  Our knowledge and access to knowledge about these five freedoms has greatly enhanced the animal/human bond.

It is because of this bond between humans and their pets that The Farley Foundation helps pet owners who benefit greatly by having the companionship of a pet in their lives with providing one of the five animal freedoms.  By providing some financial assistance during an emergency veterinary situation.  Kawartha Animal Hospital fully supports this cause and is very happy to help raise funds for them.  The people who qualify for The Farley Foundation love their pets and their pets love them.  Again this year we will be offering $10.00 “pawdicures and 3 raffle draws to choose from.  We have both a cat and dog themed basket for $5.00/ticket, and we have a locally made wreath along with a LCBO $25.00 gift card for $10.00/ticket.  We hope that everyone will like at least one if not all of the baskets and consider purchasing a ticket or two!  Tax receipts can be issued for any donation of $15.00 or more.  We are hoping to raise $1500.00!

Throughout the month we will be using Facebook to showcase our wonderful RVT’s and highlight how our Farley Fundraiser is progressing.  Please be sure to check our posts often.  We look forward to comments and feedback!


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