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Dr. Susan Vetrovsky

Dr. Vetrovsky enjoyed covering Dr. Bond’s first maternity leave so much that she has agreed to come back for Dr. Bond’s second maternity leave starting August 4, 2018.  Dr. Oliver and Kawartha Animal Hospital are thrilled to Susan return!

Originally from Czech Republic, Susan moved to Canada in 1980. Initially, she enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Toronto but later switched to the University of Guelph to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. Dr Sue graduated from OVC in 2001(yes, it is the same class as Dr. Knox!) and has been practicing in small animal veterinary medicine since then. The professional assignments took her to various places in Ontario, such as Ottawa, Smiths Falls, Gananoque, Kingston and Picton where she solidified her schooling at the Ontario Veterinary College with practical experience in the veterinary field. She believes that being a veterinarian is not a job – it is a never-ending passion to make the lives of animals better, safer, healthier and to make life truly dignified for them all. They are all unique, special and deserving.
Throught the years, Dr. Sue opened her heart and home to numerous pets in need: beloved cats Mayer, Chica and Bobby; guinea pigs Michelle, Shirley and Joey; rescue dogs Holly, Hailey and Lucky. Green Anole lizards and green tree frog named Verdik were also once a part of the family. As one cannot imagine a life without pitter-patter of animals’ feet, Dr. Sue lives currently in Kingston with her husband Alex and their beloved family dog, a German Shepherd named Illa.
When not in the clinic, Dr. Sue keeps busy by hiking nature trails, gardening, kayaking and yoga.