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Emergency Care

If your pet has an emergency out of regular Kawartha Animal Hospital hours, please phone the hospital for instructions (705)-324-4794. 

We, at Kawartha Animal Hospital, understand emotions and stress come with emergencies. We do our utmost to make sure your pet is looked after in a timely manner.

Sometimes a situation can be dealt with over the phone, but most often your pet will require hands-on care.  When we are open we will never turn away walk-in emergencies, but when at all possible, call before coming to the hospital as this allows us to prepare for your arrival.

Your phone call will also allow us to schedule or reschedule other appointments if necessary.

When to Call the Vet

You know your pet better than anyone.  In the presence of subtle symptoms, you will be the first to notice something is wrong.  Some problems require immediate veterinary attention; other problems require observation and attention if they do not resolve.  For example an episode or two of diarrhea in a dog that otherwise seems perfectly normal may not be cause for immediate alarm.

Examples of Emergencies that require immediate veterinary attention

  • Collapse and/or severe depression
  • Seizure lasting longer than 10 minutes
  • Bleeding that will not stop
  • Breathing problems
  • Hit by car
  • Inability or straining to urinate or defecate
  • Any eye injury
  • Allergy (facial swelling/hives)