We have to say goodbye to Stefanie

By November 8, 2019 Blog

We wish Stefanie Greer the best of EVERYTHING!

As many of you know 2018-2019 was an eventful year for us at KAH.  Not only did we undergo a significant renovation to install a dental surgery suite, we saw three staff members expand their families!

Stefanie was expected to return in October but she and her husband, Jeremy decided to make a big move.  Jeremy was offered an employment opportunity that could not be passed up and this opportunity included the added perk of being much closer to Stefanie’s parents.  Now they have more support raising their young family and Grandma and Grandpa get to visit with their grandchildren frequently.

While we appreciate why Stefanie made this decision it doesn’t make it easy to say goodbye to her.  She was a longtime employee and friend to all at Kawartha Animal Hospital.  We are still feeling her loss.  Stefanie joined our team in 2010.  Her dedication to her patients, their owners and our hospital was admirable.  Stefanie was eager to help in any way that was needed, always wanting to do more. 

Good luck to you and your family, Stef!  Please keep in touch.

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