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Jan 19 2017

Bad Breath is more than just bad breath.

Did you know?

A huge percentage of dogs and cats will have some form of dental disease by the age of 4! Yes – you heard that right! Age 4!

Dental issues are more than just a toothache in your pets – they can also lead to serious threats to your pet’s overall health and well-being.  So…. what are some signs that your pet might have a dental issue?

One of the first things you might notice is bad breath. Lots of people say “that’s just doggie breath” but you should be aware that foul smelling breath might indicate your pet actually has gingivitis, bacterial infection and periodontal disease.

Another sign of dental problems are gums that are red, swollen and/or bleeding. Dogs and cats should normally have pink gums (some breeds do have pigmented gums).  A third sign of dental issues is when your pet’s teeth are not pearly white in colour. Brown staining or buildup on your pet’s teeth may be tartar (also called calculus) especially when it is near the gumline. Teeth that are an abnormal colour such as pink or purple may be a sign of a disease process called pulpitis.

Lastly, a serious sign of dental disease in your pet is loose teeth. This can indicate that there is bone loss present and usually severe periodontal disease. Be careful when checking for loose teeth as they can be painful and your pet may react.

So why is periodontal disease a problem?  This issue can be very painful for your pet and as well may lead to abscesses, tooth and bone loss. Remember dogs and cats are animals that are very good at hiding signs of pain so you may not even be aware their mouth is sore!  Without treatment, dental disease can result in the spread of infections throughout the body because bacteria can get into the bloodstream through the compromised gums.

We’re celebrating Pet Dental Health Month for February and March again this year!

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