It's P.A.W!

By June 9, 2015 Blog

We know that pet owners appreciate their furry family members very much and give them lots of attention when they ask for it. June 7 however, marked the start of Pet Appreciation Week and we would like to challenge you to spend a few extra minutes each day with your pet doing things that they will super appreciate!

This time of year you could easily spend 5-10 minutes brushing your dog or cat.  Take your dog for an extra walk or take your cat outside on a leash so it can explore the yard that it has been admiring from the window. How about lying down on the floor and letting them lie beside you?  Personally, our dogs seem to know as soon as we lie down to do our exercises. They think this is a fun game and try to lie on top of us to entice us into a play session.PAW_love_tabby_

Whatever you do, just enjoy being with them because they sure enjoy being with you!  If you want to send us comments or pictures we would love to see how you show your pet your appreciation!


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